Our Story

Our History

Green Star Organic Milling was founded on a single principle: Healthy food means healthy lives. It’s this principle that supports Green Star Organic Milling beginning in Organic NON-GMO Ancient healthy food production business to bring the benefits of all-natural ancient grains to the west. However, Green Star Organic Milling quickly realized that many consumers in western markets were unfamiliar with the concept of ancient grains and the amazing benefits they provide for our health society to those modern time. Thus, we created this organization to educate our customers on the value of Organic NON-GMO heirloom Ancient Healthy Gluten Free Stone Milled whole grain flours along with providing the highest quality grain products to our local and international clients.

Our Mission

With the benefits of ancient and heirloom grains relatively unknown in western markets, our mission is simple: Educating the public on the value of ancient grains while providing the highest quality grain products available. Our expertise spans the food chain from field to the market, helping us provide grains that are 100% naturally grown Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten Free Certified Nationally& International carefully sourced.

Our Vision

Our health-focused philosophy is only part of the larger vision that Green Star Organic Milling supports.Every member of our team understands the growing problems surrounding global food security and overall health; as such, we’re doing our part to solve the problem. Ancient grains have been grown and harvested for thousands of years by cultures across the world. The calorie yield per energy input of these crops make them a great way to support sustainability, environmental friendliness, and food security for all populations. By increasing the prevalence of ancient grains in global diets and decreasing reliance on high-energy crops and meat products, we hope to support a world where health, sustainability, and wellness are the norms.

Our Values

To support the goal of sustainable, health-focused agriculture, we have several priorities that guide our philosophy:

  • Wellness: We believe that a healthy diet is the most important factor in overall wellness and aim to improve the health of the world population one customer at a time.
  • Grains Sourcing: All our grains suppliers are locally & Internationally sourced from farmers who share our passion for health and Organic and NON-GMO natural foods, reducing carbon emissions from global supply chains and support local economies.
  • Respect: By working with the growers and supporting sustainable agriculture, we hope to make respect and stewardship of the environment a fundamental part of the human experience. Backed by those values, we promise that every product you buy will be completely Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten Free Natural Nutritious Healthy and downright delicious.