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Whole Grain Brown Teff Flour

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Relatively unknown in the west, Teff is a small, heirloom grain discovered and harvested in Ethiopia. Teff comes in a variety of colors and features a mild earthy flavor. While Teff may be considered exotic in the west, it has been harvested for thousands of years in eastern cultures for its versatility, delicious flavor, and the great nutrition it provides. Teff flour is the traditional base for the classic Ethiopian and Eritrean flatbread Injera.


Nutritional Properties:

Nutritional properties (value per 50g): The nutritional values provided were derived from our ingredient supplier and supplemented by the USDA nutritional database. The calculated nutritional data contained in this specification sheet is correct to the best of our knowledge. It is intended solely as a source of information for your consideration Green Star Milling makes no guarantees or warranties to the results. 

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