Whole Grain Flours

Whole grain food products are the quickest way to a healthier diet and a healthier life.

Whole grain foods are cereal or pseudo grain products that contain the bran, germ, and endosperm. In essence, the entire seed of the plant is included in the product. This tends to give whole grain products an earthier flavor and firmer texture than refined grain products that have had the bran and germ removed.


Whole Wheat Means Health

Why go whole wheat? The answer is simple—it’s all about your health. Whole grain foods are well-known for their healthful properties and are good sources of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. The scientific consensus on the benefits of whole grains has been well-established. The American Heart Association, the U.S. authority on cardiovascular health and wellness, recommends we get several servings of whole grains each day. Research describes how whole grains are a great way to improve heart health, reduce blood pressure, reduce inflammation, improve cholesterol levels, and support gastrointestinal function. There is even evidence that a diet rich in whole grains can reduce cancer risk.


What’s the Deal With White?

Despite the proven health benefits of whole grain foods, heavily refined and processed “white” breads have become popular in western diets. Why? It could be because refined white breads have a mild taste and a soft texture that make them suitable complements for many of the high fat and high sugar foods common in packaged and ready-to-eat foods. However, even the staunchest supporters of white bread are beginning to come around to the benefits of whole grain food products and the benefits they have for our health.


Our Whole Grain Products

By providing ancient whole grain flours in their natural state, customers can rest assured that they’re receiving the same nutrition that our ancestors received from ancient grains for thousands of years. Amaranth, for example, has remained relatively unchanged since its origin in Mesoamerica as early as 4000 BC. And what better way to support your health than enjoying natural quinoa, an ancient grain from South America described by the Inca civilization as the “mother of all grains”?

Green Star Organic Milling specializes in providing these ancient whole grain food products in their 100 percent non-GMO, organic, and minimally processed forms.